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About Us & What We Do

We DO Cloud Operations (CloudOps) for IT SMBs – the management, delivery and consumption of software in a computing environment where there is limited visibility into an app’s underlying infrastructure. In the enterprise, we use the DevOps principals of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) to create best practices for achieving high availability by refining and optimizing business processes that run in a public cloud.

We also DO Digital Adoption Service (DAS) for non-IT SMBs – IT strategy setup, roadmap buildup, marketing automation and website / E-Commerce online shopping site deployment.


Decouples management from the underlying infrastructure so cloud machine instances, storage instances, security, network and governance can be managed through a single dashboard.


Allows the infrastructure and the applications to request more resources when needed and de-provision them automatically when not needed.


Creation and enforcement of policies that limit what users and applications can do in the public cloud.


Automate provisioning, user management, security management and API management. Artificial intelligence and machine learning play important roles in automating tasks.

Our Skills, Talents &


We have extensive experience and creative practices on Kubernetes enablement, Terraform enforcement, On-premise to Cloud migration, CI/CD integration, and Cost-Saving handling.

Stragety & Consultancy 0
Infrastructure & Plaftform Management 0
Migration & Automation 0

Our Produly Presented Projects

We would apply what we learned from various projects for your project with the best practices.

How We Do What We Do

We realize that cloud operations and practices are complex. How to help you throughout your project is the key.





DrillionNet is filled with a variety of experiences and skills, made especially for your project.

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